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Dobře, protože se dnes nudím a nemám na práce nic jiného, rozhodla jsem se vytvořit další rubriku s názvem Témata. Slovíčka, fráze, všechno... Asi vás to nebude zajímat, tedy asi to nebude zajímat nikoho, když tu nikdo není. :D Takže to číst nemusíte. Prostě se tu učím sama anglicky.

První téma je počasí. (Materiály mám odtud.)
Well, because I'm bored today and I haven't anything else to do, I decided to create another section called Topics. Vocabulary, phrases, everything... You'll be probably not interested in it, I mean nobody will be, because nobody's here. :D So, you don't have to read it. I'm just learning English on my own.

The first topic is weather.

What is the weather like today? It's overcast and windy, with some showers.
Do you pay attention to the weather forecast? Yes, I do. I check weather forecast (usually on TV) every day, beause I don't want to be suprised by a shower or bad weather.
What kind of weather do you like best and why? I like summer, because it's hot and sunny and I can go out just in t-shirt and shorts. I also love swimming in the pool and sunbathing.
What sort of weather do you like least? I don't like when it's cold, overcast, foggy and rainy. It's depresing and boring, because you can't do anything in that weather.
Have you noticed changes in the weather as a result of climate change? I think the climate has changed a little bit. The temperature has risen and the snow has been slowly disappearing from the mountains and artic places. The winters are also milder than in the past.
What do you think the climate will be like in a hundred years' time? It will be probably much warmer in some places, like in Artic ocean - the snow will melt and lot of animals will disappear. On the other hand, some places will be colder, like Great Britain, beause of the Golf stream. Climate change happens naturally, but we have probably accelerated it.
What problems can weather cause? It can cause floods when it rains too much or when the snow melt too quickly. Snow can makes roads slippery and travel difficult. Hot weather can cause dehydratation or droughts. In the USA you sometimes get hurricanes. In Australia you get bushfires and the sun can cause skin cancer. Problems are worse when the weather is not typical for the country that experiences it.
What is the difference between climate and weather? Weather is the condition of the atmosphere at a specific time and place. Climate is a collection of weather conditions common for larger area.
How is the weather different in different parts of countries? The weather is dependent on the climate. There are polar, tropic, mild, maritime, continental climates. The weather close to the coast (like Great Britain) is often rainy, windy, and humid with mild winters and summers. Further inland there are bigger differences between winter and summer. In the Cz. rep. the weather is dependent on the season - in winter it's cold and snowy,...
What kind of weather would you ideally live in? I like warm and sunny weather, but I don't think I'd like to live in place when it's like that all the time. I like the czech weather, how the four seasons change, I can ski in winter, swimming and sunbathing in summer.

overcast - zataženo
pay attention - dávat pozor
weather forecast - předpověď počasí
accelerate - ovlivnit
slippery - kluzké
maritime - pobřežní

more useful vocab
come out
(the sun came out)
air pressure
(water) evaporates off
(slunce vyšlo)
tlak vzduchu
(voda) se odpařuje

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